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Seeing Voices: News

Back at the Bocht Saturday 12-4-10 - December 2, 2010

Beloved Bocht 1/31 - December 27, 2008

Brooklyn, Freddy's 1/17 yeah baby!! - December 27, 2008

Big Pre-Vote Show Nov 1st!! - October 27, 2008

Hey voters! our last show before the election, at one of our favorite places An Beal Bocht Cafe.
Although our dear Joshua Paul has moved on to embrace his new love the classical guitar, we have plugged in Steve Giordano, bassist, engineer and producer extraordinaire to complete our foursome, shifting the balance to the Italian side.

Brooklyn Blowout!! Sat. Aug 2nd!! - August 2, 2008

Dudes! we're heading into Brooklyn to tear up Freddy's Backroom. Uh, did that sound weird? Check it out, decide for yourself.

CrazyBigComebackGig! - May 16, 2008

Yes, babies it's true!! It's been nearly a year, but Seeing Voices is back-back!
Come join us in one week, at the Bocht, our most favorite deliciously comfortable place to play.
Seeing Voices is ready to celebrate, wanna watch?

Greetings All! - June 9, 2007

We are taking a tiny break from our hiatus! Come and get us while you can....
Tick tock persistant clock
Life proceeds anyway

Greetings Folk-Family! - December 11, 2006

Come join us for lasties on '06.
Tick tock my babies....tick tock.
The best defense is an aggressive offense, so c'mon, lets go out kicking and screaming, what d'you say?

Hey Babies!! - September 24, 2006

Seeing Voices will be in the Bronx at An Beal Bocht Cafe Sept 30th, come check us out....
we will be heading back to the studio to finish our latest cd in the next little while. Real life keeps rearing it's ugly head......
Let's connect, it's all we have!

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